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About Me (Pat Chadwick)

In 2009, I left my job at a high-tech public relations firm in Cambridge, Mass., to spend a winter skiing in Jackson Hole before my 20s got away from me. I never thought I'd make Wyoming a permanent home, and more so, I never anticipated that the move would grant me the independence to start working on my own in the SEO and content marketing fields.  

After spending five years at public relations agencies and another five working for a digital marketing agency remotely, I had received a great deal of useful experience, but had also discovered the limitations of the agency structure. All too often, an agency takes on more work than its employees can successfully execute, and, if growth is favored over innovation, employees can be lulled into repetitive or outdated work without any insight into a broader strategy for their clients.

Since working as a freelancer, I have made sure to only take projects with clear and achievable objectives that I can fully commit to reaching. I have taken satisfaction in researching client opportunities and tracking my results with analytics that were typically outsourced to other agency departments (or not explored at all), and it has made my job fun again.

(Not to mention, this flexibility has also given me time to pursue other interests, like being a singer-songwriter in various local projects and an occasional contributor to Planet Jackson Hole.)


Boston College
Bachelor of Arts, Major in Communications, cum laude, 2004


Google AdWords
Certified Professional, 2016

That's me...Pat Chadwick.

That's me...Pat Chadwick.

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